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 Elements of Nature

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PostSubject: Elements of Nature   Elements of Nature I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2012 1:38 am

Chapter 1: Earth

In a far off land lays the Kingdom of Haven, battered by war and Strife. The four clans of this land will wipe themselves from existence if the war does not stop. They will not rest or tire until either one of the four clans is left or the Elements of Nature come together to end the war that is now coming to Equestria.

 The element of earth was doing what he was usually doing, walking through Whitetail forest. He was an earth pony, well built and scruffy looking. He had gray coat and a jet black mane and tail as well as gold eyes that seem to calm anypony who looks into them. As he reaches the exit he notices somepony waiting for him. "Quake, aren't you always tired of doing the same thing EVERY day?" the pony asks 
"Nah, there's no need to rush change Topaz. Why do you want to rush it any way?". Quake asks. 
"Well  let's see, I'm not gonna waste my life repeating everyday over again." Topaz sounded annoyed. "There's no reasoning with you, is there? Just go back home, because I myself am leaving. I have things I would like to tend to." Quake was equally annoyed, but with Topaz's stubbornness, always short tempered was the element of earth, realizing change but not accepting it. He then shoved past topaz and headed for Ponyvill to get something to eat. 

Once Quake reached a local restaurant, he got to the nearest table and ordered a celery salad with tomatoes. His food arrives about five minutes after he ordered. "I'm terribly sorry sir, we had an incident in the kitchen." the waiter say frantically. 
"Don't worry about it, I have all the time in the-" A loud roar cuts Quake off as three Manticores fly over Ponyvill. Quake sighs. "Great, another irritation. How is this any better then home?" he mumbles to himself as he walks towards the Manticores and ponies are running past him. "Hey, dumb beasts. I take it your looking for a fight? Well it's not looking to fair, you'll need more then brawn to best me!" 

A Silver hooflet with a brown gem appears on Quake. "Now then I'm only going to ask once, will you please leave?" Quake asks trying to keep a calm demeanor. After about a minute of starring each other down one of the Manticores jumps at Quake but is hit by a large boulder, and is crushed with a sickening crunch. "Now then, who's next?" Quake asks in a growl. The two Manticores left both jump at Quake,  but are both intercepted by stone pillars that shoot out of the ground, hitting their chests and breaking their ribs. "......Thought so." Quake says as the crawl back towards the Everfree forest. "....Who would want to live this close to a dangerous place? I guess I'll never know" 

Quake return to the table he was eating at and puts down a bag of bits. "First a fight, then I'm no longer hungry. What a good way to start." Quake sighs to himself. Celestia's sun begins to set as Luna's moon rises. "......Don't wanna linger, not after today and what some ponies might have seen."  Quake says while walking towards Whitetail forest. "Don't you have any where to go?" Quake quickly turns around to see Topaz. 
".....Were you waiting for me this entire time?" Quake relaxes his guard. 
"Don't you have a home? I've never seen you go inside a house, just inside these woods" Topaz walks toward Quake "Your like my brother, I worry about you." Quake brushes off Topaz 
"If you see me as a brother, then I need to separate myself from you, I'm sorry Topaz but there's a lot you don't know about me." Quake then walks deep into Whitetail forest and knowing Topaz has not followed reaches and moves a boulder revealing a small cave. "Home sweet home" Quake says sarcastically. As he reaches to where he sleeps he, notices a note.

"Dear element of earth,
              "It has come to my attention that the four clans are going to wipe themselves out if nothing is done. I plan on contacting all four elements, you are the first I have contacted. It was no easy task locating you. All I ask is that in three weeks time you meet me at the entrance to the Everfree forest." 

"Weird, no name....starting to wonder what happened to common curtasy." Quake raises a stone slab, as climbs onto it he makes a little table to put the note on. "If he plans on contacting my brother and sisters, he's in for quite a challenge. Just to be fair, I owe it to him to at least show since he went out of his....way..to......f...ind...me." Quake quickly falls asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Elements of Nature   Elements of Nature I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 4:29 pm

Chapter 2: Wind
Part 1

Aurora Star was flying around without a care in the world. It was getting really late out and she was waiting for the moon to rise to do her thing, she creates lights that seem to dance in the sky. After she makes the some ponies see her fly off where they started so they named the lights after her, aurora. Aurora's mane and tail colors move about at night just light the lights she creates and have various shades. During the day her mane and tail are a mix of a light and dark purple and a light and dark pink that seems red at times. She has a pure white coat and deep blue eyes.
Aurora landed on a cloud as the sun sets careful not to let anypony see her thus time. As the moon rises and the stars begin to shine, she starts to make auroras in every direction. 

After she's done she flys off like usual but a pony stops her this time.
"Um, excuse me miss. Some of the ponies here in Clousdale are wondering, are you the one creating these lights?" Aurora just looks at the pony with a blank expression.
"Uh, hello, anypony home in there?" he asked Aurora in a somewhat rude tone.
"Yes." Aurora replied then took off.

It was nearing day time now but Aurora didn't need to sleep, she knew how to survive solely on the power her element gave her. Being the oldest she had time to find out how to figure this out. She landed on a cloud where most ponies can't survive, and mostly staying up there her friends were limited. As she looks around she half expects to see a rainbow streak, as today was Rainbow Dashes day off from work and promised Aurora she'll hang out with her. Aurora the looks down and says to herself. "She probably got caught up in last minute stuff." just then she sees a glitter in the sun and various colors.

After catching up for not seeing each other for a week Aurora wants to show Rainbow her version of the 'sonic rainboom'. Aurora readies herself the takes off even higher the what she already was. After reaching max height Aurora manipulates the wind to act as a cannon to shoot her down. Once she breaks the sound barrier she launches herself again and breaks the light barrier making an explosion of auroras. She then flys up back to the cloud they were standing on. 
"How was that Rainbow?" she asks with joy. 
"Wow, just wow. I never though it could be copied let alone changed." Rainbow says with shock
"Yeah it took me a while to perfect, but a did it." Aurora gives a small smile and spends the rest of the day racing Rainbow.

After Rainbow had to go Aurora stayed on the cloud for a bit. "Why can't I just tell her how I feel? She's the only one that understands me and yet, i can't even tell her how I feel." After an hour of sulking Aurora wipes her eyes then flys off to her house, an abandoned house in the Everfree. Once she reaches her house she sees a note on her door and reads it.

"Dear Element of wind,

           I have wrote this note in hopes you will help me end the war in your country. I have already contacted your brother the element of earth. Should you chose to answer my call, meet me at the entrance to the forest you live in within two weeks."

Aurora pondered what this pony could truly want with her but shrugged it off and went into her house.
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Elements of Nature
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