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 My little Espada

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PostSubject: My little Espada   My little Espada I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2012 1:42 am

I will be doing all nine Espadas. Each one will have three chapters. Opening, story, closing.
           *WARNING: PAIRING*
*this is not a clopfic, just a pairing fanfic. I'm doing this as an experiment*

       My little Espada: Number six
                        Chapter: 1

Grimmjow slowly opened his eyes, being in intense pain the only thing he could could do was moan and try to keep his eyes open as much as possible. As his eyes started to close and a coldness sweep over his body he heard voices.
"The explosion came from this way, c'mon"
"Hold up partner, we're comin'"
Just before he blacked out, he saw a bunch of legs and one last sentence.
"Oh, my"

Grimmjow jolts up from his sleep to find he's in a bed and......different. He goes to look at his hands to find hooves. 
"What the hell is this?" Grimmjow shouts. 
"Um, excuse me but, can you please not shout again? Your scaring the animals!" A yellow pegesis with a pink mane and tail creaks open the door.
"That is, if it's not to much trouble?" she asked while looking down.
Seeing as she is timid as the animals Grimmjow tried to keep a calmer voice and was only half shouting now.
"What the hell is going on? Where are my hands? ................Wait, how the hell are you talking? Your a pony!" After that comment Grimmjow attempted to get up but quickly collapsed. 
"Please don't do that, your wounds aren't healed!" The yellow pony stated while rushing to Grimmjow.

As the yellow pony tended to his wounds he looked out the window.
"What's your name?" Grimmjow mumbled being to embarrassed to fully speak.
"Oh well, my name is Fluttershy." She spoke hesitantly.
"Why are you even helping me? For all you know, I could've come here to kill you!" Grimmjow stated harshly as
Fluttershy started to cry and mutter. "Y-you came here to kill us?" She said between sniffs as her eyes watered. Grimmjow felt something he never felt before. The creature in front of him was scared, but didn't run. 
"No, I didn't come here to kill you..." Grimmjow stated with a sigh. 

Once Fluttershy was finished rewrapping Grimmjow's wounds, Fluttershy got up and walked over to the door. Before she left she said quietly but loud enough for Grimmjow to hear that she'll make dinner around  six. Grimmjow just sat there confused, but calmer then what he was a little bit ago. 
"First she's afraid of me from what I said......then she offers me food?" Grimmjow whispers to himself.
"What's going on?"

After an hour or two Grimmjow leaves the room he was in to get a feel for his new body. He gave up questioning things and figured he might as well get use to the idea he is no longer able to kill. With a sigh Grimmjow enters Fluttershy's living room to see bird houses everywhere and a little white bunny staring at him.
".........I feel like that rabbit can communicate......and doesn't want me here." Grimmjow thought to himself. The little bunny started hopping towards Grimmjow as he had a questionable look on his face. Just before the bunny got any closer Fluttershy walked into the house and snatched the bunny up.
"Now Angel, be nice to our guest!" Fluttershy told Angel in a soft tone. Grimmjow shrugged and went over to the couch, still new to his new form he had trouble doing so.

"........So what's there to do around here?" Grimmjow asked Fluttershy.
Fluttershy didn't say anything, instead she just hid behind her mane and shuffled a hoof.
"Anything important coming up?" Grimmjow asked once more.
"W-well, there is the Grand Galloping Galla coming up soon...." Fluttershy said in an almost unheard voice.
"And that is....what exactly?" Grimmjow asked not believing he's actually asking. Fluttershy's mood then changed immediately to a more surprised one.
"You don't know what the Grand Galloping Gala is? Oh this won't do, stay here. I'll be right back!" Fluttershy stated as she bolted out the door.
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My little Espada
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